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Be aware of Synchronicity!!


Bethany Sheppard Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Professional Psychic Tarot Card Reader

Bethany was born in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1956, and grew up as a child of nature, roaming the fields, streams and woods near her home. As a baby, she suffered a near fatal accident. It was a grievous affliction at the time for both mother and daughter. However, while surviving the ordeal, an unusually intimate bond developed between the two, thereby creating the foundation of all future relationships in Bethany’s life. While engaging in all the typical girlish activities (parties, dances, cheerleading, etc.) young Bethany was also developing unusual powers of communication, empathy and understanding. In other words, without realizing it at the time, Bethany was already evolving into a psychic. 
Leaving school, Bethany sought employment with a large public utility company, where, not surprisingly, she became a successful customer service executive. Always comfortable meeting and interacting with people, Bethany was chosen to greet customers in the lobby of the company’s corporate headquarters. She performed this service for several years, essentially functioning as the face of the company. By the time she retired, Bethany had spent nearly a quarter-century listening to and solving the problems of countless strangers. However, while making a living, Bethany was also growing. To her, no one was ever really a stranger.
She was comfortable with almost everyone, and intuitively understood that she was destined to help other help themselves.  Still young in body, mind and spirit, Bethany simply followed her heart, exploring the path before her to a new life as a psychic.  Along with her roles as wife, mother, friend and confident, she quickly realized that this was her true vocation. Always a creative spirit, Bethany also finds joy in gardening and cooking, as well as designing and making custom quilts.  Naturally, she loves to travel, searching the world for adventure and new frontiers.  Since 2003, Bethany has continued to meet individuals from all backgrounds and life styles.  However, instead of focusing on their accounts, she now enjoys the privilege of concentrating on their dreams and aspirations.
Since that fateful moment as a child, Bethany has always cherished intimacy. She learned early that all human beings need the special light that shines only from the soul of their fellow man. Her light shines brighter than most, and she has accepted her responsibility to do the work for which her special gifts were intended. In recent years, Bethany has traveled up and down the East Coast making new friends at weddings, reunions, casinos, colleges, hotels, restaurants, clubs and private homes. In short, wherever individuals have the courage to seek their true destinies, Bethany is there to help them. Her story is not complete. For Bethany, there are many roads not yet traveled, and she looks to the future with joy and wonder.


No action is more fascinating that the
action of self-transformation. Nothing on
earth can compare with its drama or its

~Vernon Howard



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