Bethany has been a professional tarot card reader for many years and is a member of the Best Psychic Directory & Shay Parker's Best American Psychics.  Both are highly reguarded groups with high ethical standards.


Bethany believes that everyone is intuitive; such intuition is referred to our soul's heightened state.  Some of us discover it in different ways or when necessity arises.  Bethany discovered this as a young child as a result of a near fatal accident.  Others find it in different ways never the less it's a brilliance that should be embraced.

Bethany Sheppard Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Professional Psychic Tarot Card Reader
About Bethany

Bethany's goal is to help people understand the potential outcome of their choices, and to ethically communicate inspired messages.  


Bethany has worked with most of the Event Planners in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Providing service for all types of events from large corporate gatherings, to small special parties.